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About JustB

JustB™........ A bee buzzing around at a time of soul searching… Could JustB™ have started then?

With our creator Kathy’s line of LittleWorksOfArtCards, JustADoodelin’ drawings, AnOriginalFairieMaker fairies, and years of artwork begging to be applied to clothes, JustB™ all came together for Kathy at a time of soul searching and investigating how to put all of this artwork on material. As creativity took over, Kathy turned her initial thoughts and artistic drawings into JustB™… with no plan of the bee showing up, that tiny little bee buzzing around during her soul searching landed itself a job, as her new designer line Trademark and logo.

Discovering a way to create her own designer clothing line was an exciting idea, and a path she hopes will bring inspiration to others through wearing art.

“While it’s been a challenge creating JustB™ - I will continue to JustB™ AnOriginalWearArt designer, creative, determined, loving, kind, and successful. I welcome you to JustB™ AnOriginal too!”

~Kathy Hicks